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Brain Breaks Browser

What is Brain Breaks Browser?

Good question!

"Brain Breaks" are commonly used in education systems as a way to break up long stretches of work, providing short mental and/or physical exercises as the break activity. There is evidence that these are important for reducing stress, increasing productivity, and overall improving the learning process.

This web app is a way to store, track, and view these break activities, arranged on a simple board interface. It is designed to be configurable, so if you want, you can do things like disable repetitions, randomize the order of activities, hide icons, and even create multiple boards.


Warning: This app is a hobby project, and a "beta" work-in-progress. Right now, all your settings are only saved locally and synchronization across multiple computers or browsers is not possible.



  • Create your own custom activites / breaks!
  • Use intelligent built-in activity types:
    • Videos: Activity will auto-close when video ends
    • Website: Embed an entire webpage into an activity!
    • Timed activity: Many activity types, including custom ones, support a built-in timer.
  • Create multiple boards
  • Share activities between boards
  • Randomize activities, reset completion

Who Is This For? Uses?

This is for almost anyone, and groups of any size!

  • Classrooms: In-person, or remote!
    • You could use this over Zoom, by sharing your screen
    • Shareable board URLs might be a future feature
  • Team meetings: Standups, web conferences, etc.
  • Yourself: Use with the pomodoro technique, as rewards, etc.